Hello. I see you’ve stumbled upon my blog.

The writings on this site from here on out will be an immersive, introspective view on a topic I always found to be an abstract concept: following your dreams.

Currently, as I’m writing this, I’m doing just that. I decided to take a big leap of faith, move across the country and test my limits – all for the idea of following my dreams.

Growing up, I was always bombarded with after-school specials, PSAs and countless lectures from my mother about following my dreams, no matter what.

But what does it mean exactly to “follow your dreams”? To not settle for the status quo?

This blog seeks to answer that question with a simple motto: To live and let live. I’m currently presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, one that many others would kill for, and musings written across these pages will reflect just that. I’ll relate each experience during this time to many I’ve had before or relate them to a particular topic I find poignant.

Every day, while adventurous and exciting, is equally as terrifying as the last. The Midwest is a much different landscape than the one of my small New Mexico town and I’ve got a long road ahead of me. I hope you’ll sit back and enjoy this journey of life alongside with me, too.


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