quod ubique instinctu.

‘Inspiration is everywhere.’

The beautiful thing about inspiration is its fluidity. It ebbs and flows; it recedes and rises. While intangible, it lends itself with mystique and awe. The same virtues apply to inspiration on the internet.

Just like this blog seeks to inspire and reflect, so do these – in their own unique fashions.

Alden Tan
Alden Tan

Alden Tan is a 30-year-old breakdancer from Singpore. At first glance, you wouldn’t expect him to be someone who dishes out any kind of self-help or motivation but in an extremely blunt fashion, he manages to make it his best strength. Through struggle and genuine life experience, Tan offers help the way you’d want your best friend to – with honest, tough love. He doesn’t hold back and doesn’t beat around the bush with an occasional (or two) expletive slipping in.

The Art of Non-Conformity
Chris Guillebeau

Having traveled to every country in the world before his 35th birthday, Chris Guillebeau offers a perspective on life that emphasizes unorthodox thought and a free spirit. He’s aware that while many may agree with him, he writes with an understanding in tone to those that may not. While different in school of thought, he is the farthest thing from “my way or the highway”. Key themes in his blog include taking pride in what you do, growth through self-sustaining happiness and crafting various vantage points through the eyes of different cultures.

Un-Copied Life
Kim Thirion

Even if the blog hasn’t been updated since 2013, the message Thirion spreads is still as resonant today: Make a choice. Commit to it. After years of living to appease all the people in her life, Kim set out on a journey to be her most authentic self. Her writings are a reflection of that and with an encouraging flair, she encourages her readers to follow that same example. Self-acceptance, unapologetic fearlessness and motivated direction are all themes that streamline the content on this blog.



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